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About Our Team

"There is no obstacle you cannot overcome with hard work and perseverance"

Stephen Weah
Managing Director

Stephen Weah

Afro Football Management has been founded by Stephen Weah.  

Since the early age of six years old Stephen has had a passion and love of football and had been living the dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

In the early 90's at the beginning of the Liberian Civil War he left his  country, leaving his family back in Monrovia, crossing to neighbouring Sierra Leone where he spent a year as a refugee whilst chasing his dreams. 

With still no development from the situation back home in Liberia, at the age of 14 years old Stephen decided never to give up on his dreams of becoming a professional footballer, by moving from one African country to another, from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Mali, to Cameroon.  

In 1993 at the age of 17 he finally made the break when he was invited to a trial with OHOD OF MEDINA in Saudi  Arabia, from there on he knew that there's nothing you cannot overcome with hard work and perseverance.  

After three years in Saudi Arabia Stephen then moved on to play in Germany, Singapore and Indonesia where he spent 10 years of doing what he loved best.

In 2005 Stephen made the break into Australia where he was invited by Sydney FC on a trial where he sustained a knee injury and by 2007  Stephen decided to call it time on a beautiful career over the past 16 years.

We at Afro Football Management know what it takes to get there and we are here to get YOU there!  

At Afro Football Management ''WE THINK YES! BEFORE WE SAY NO.''          

Oremedi Gooding

Oremedi Gooding
Deputy Managing Director

Oremedi Gooding

Having played football from his early days in high school and through to his university days, Oremedi Gooding holds a master degree in business management.

Oremedi also served as a senior consultant for our clients.

Obediah Tokpah

Obediah Yarkay Tokpah Senior Scout

Obediah Tokpah

Obediah Yarkay Tokpah played professional football as a striker for his home country of Liberia for 7 years.

He played for LPMC ( Liberian Produce Marketing Corporation ) and was at one time the highest goal scorer in the 96' 97' league.

He later moved to Indonesia to seek greener pastures, due to a persistent knee injury. Obediah decided to call it time on his career in Indonesia and turn his focus on scouting young and senior talent.

Obediah is our senior scout based in Newcastle, Western Australia.

Lisa Walker

Lisa Maree Walker Office Manager

Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker brings over fifteen years of knowledge and experience into the business by sharing her passion for online marketing, websites, social media and administrative skills.

Lisa has managed her own businesses with over forty employees combined, learn't to multi task in their busy office and handled everything from quoting, invoicing, importing products, payroll to taxes.

These skills are an asset to Afro Football Management and Lisa has become an integral part of the Team.