Fox Sports Opportunity Knocks

Fox Sports Opportunity Knocks

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 Fox Sports Proposes a Question


After following the A-League for the past 10 years, I received a call from a FOX SPORTS a couple of days ago from one of their journalists.


He asked me a question that I have been asking myself for the past 10 years...


Why are there not enough Africans in the A-League and Afro Australians on both senior and youth national teams in Australia ?


I went on to explain to the journalist from Fox Sports that the A-League has grown so big over the last 5 years, that it's about time we get more views from the football public out there too.


I truly believe that it is time we accept and bring in more African players into the League and here's why:


  • African players are naturally talented
  • They bring their own uniqueness and flair into the game 
  • African players are enlightening and fun to watch
  • They love performing their tricks with the ball
  • They love to celebrate after scoring a goal
  • Their wonderful energy and physical presence
  • Natural physical strength and physique
  • Ability to quickly think logically when problem solving


foxtel sports


I believe all of these qualities make African players great role models for our young Rising Stars and I believe more Australian kids needs to watch them and their attitude towards the sport.


We need to see more than what we are seeing at the moment in the A-League and the journalist from Fox Sports agreed.


I believe there are so many Afro Australian talent in this country and that's no joke! I have spoken with some of them and the majority of them said it's all political and also about who you know and what contacts they have within the Industry.


All they need is a solid chance to prove themselves and I also agree with some of the things that I've heard.


So I'd love to hear what are your take is on this subject?


Please leave us your opinions on this topic. Why are there not enough Africans in the A-League and Afro Australians on both senior and youth national teams in Australia ?


Are they not good enough? Or is it all about who knows who????


We would appreciate your opinion just like Fox Sports wanted.


foxtel sports

One thought on “Fox Sports Opportunity Knocks

  • April 7, 2016 at 4:34 am

    I agree that there is a lot of untapped talent especially in the African culture. Having many online friends in Africa myself I have met so many talented young men and women who’s hopes and dreams can be lost due to lack of opportunity.


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