Scouting for Super Stars!

Scouting for Super Stars!


A Beautiful Sunday to go Scouting


Scouting is out business and as usual for Afro Football Management, Sunday the 3rd of April 2016 was no different.

No time for rest we are all about scouting the Super Stars.

On Sunday we headed out to visit the home ground of Port Melbourne Sharks where they hosted the White Eagles of Springvale in the NPL U-14 LEAGUE.

It was such a joy to to watch these young kids loving and doing what they know best.

Scouting pays off because we were able to snap up our very first young talent Ethan Courtidis of Springvale White Eagles!

Unfortunately the young and super shot stopper was unable to keep a clean shirt, but the team's hard work paid off with a score of 2-3 victory over the sharks of port Melbourne. Wow, way to go White Eagles!

We also had a chat with some of the parents that were on the side cheering their kids to victory. No time to rest this Sunday afternoon or great opportunities can be missed!

Its all happening this year of 2016 at Afro Football Management.

Exciting times ahead scouting only the best players, because just like our motto, We always Think Yes! Before we say No.


Ethan Courtidis
Ethan Courtidis /14/February 2002 (Age 14) Position : Goalkeeper

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